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The Company

SPHERE ARCHITECTURE S.L. is a company with fifteen years of experience in the development of engineering projects, Architecture and Urbanism. The professional path includes from real-estate projects for the development of Promotions of more than 1.500 Housings, Industrial Building, Projects for the Public Administration, Tertiary Developments, Hospitals and Medical Clinics.In the last years we have devoted almost exclusively to the Management of Real-estate Promotions in Spain, with the development and management of more than 500 housings for private promoters. In the last two years we have developed our own Promotions, and have begun to manage the new models of real-estate business in the national economic panorama; representative promotions of banking, management of private heritage and management of assets from the bank restructuring. We have developed in the last years projects and real-estate promotions out of our country, with numerous orders in Equatorial Guinea, returning to the past works in the Dominican Republic. At this moment we are totally centred on the Real-estate Residential Promotion especially on the Community of Madrid. 

Antonio Simón López Sánchez


Inside the Company, apart from functions as Administrator of the mercantile, functions like signatory Architect of some projects of Architecture of the Real-estate Promotions or he develops someone or all the phases of the Promotions.

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